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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some old favorites return

Some old favorites are being seen at the lake right now.  First, here is George III, whom I last saw following Junior and his mate around a few months back;

I think this might be Squeak, who has been missing for a very long time.  I can see her little "bow tie" on her forehead.

I am fairly sure the one on the right is Dee, Killer's mate.  I think Killer was there, too.  The one on the left looks to be a young male killdeer, perhaps George IV, her son, or another son.

Don't know who this next one is, but it might be Pollux's son:

Hurt wing is alive and well, she's about 16 months old now and has had a broken wing for about 13 or 14 months:

Louie and Picked On"

Jill and her Canada gander mate:

Pat, the bi-gender duck:

And, three young ducks.

I don't think I've seen George and Martha lately, but I'm not sure.  And, Fred the greater yellowlegs is back and was calling for all his friends.

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