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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A dowitcher came to visit

A juvenile long-billed dowitcher came to visit the ballfield killdeer this morning.  I couldn't get too close because the gate was locked, plus I would have scared the birds.

George III was there and he seemed to not know what to make of the dowitcher.

George had a cute young female with a puffy chest band with him.  Perhaps he finally has a mate now.  He was mate-less all of last year.

She seemed to be a little scared of the dowitcher, but not much.

I couldn't get any more photos of the dowitcher, he kept putting his head under his wing and going to sleep.

I'm not sure who this is in the next photo, it might be the Beautiful Dad, perhaps that female is his daughter:

Too bad I couldn't get a clearer photo of this Anna's hummingbird and the gnats:

Fred the yellowlegs was flying around calling.  He circled me many times before flying off.  He likes to be near the killdeer and I think he was looking for them as well as others of his own kind.

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