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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Day in San Diego

It's a fall day in San Diego, that usually means Santa Ana winds.  But, today, it was partly cloudy and cool.  Big Daddy and the other ducks were busy doing their duck things:

I bet the female redhead that was here all summer is happy there's a male around now:

Lots of ruddy ducks here now.  And, I saw some lesser scaup, too.  Not that many gadwalls, though.

I think this might be Neo, who just turned 6 months old a couple days ago.  He's soon to be the star of his own YouTube slideshow called "Neo, the Duckling that---LIVED!"

This male crested pekin was looking silly running up to me:

Hey guys, wait for me!

No, we are going to swim over here now.

Lots of western grebes kreek kreeking:

And, some killdeer in the ballfield, but I am not sure who they are.  They look like Puffy Band, but one looks a little bit like Miracle.  I think, though, they are not any of the ones I regularly observed:

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