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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springtime for killdeers

Everyone is all happy today because the weather is clear and sunny on the first day of spring.  So, enjoy the photos.  This first one is of a couple that I am not sure of.  But, I think it might be Secret's son and, possibly, Killer and Dee's daugther.

Below, Shy is being really curious:

This killdeer looks familiar, but I'm not sure who it is.  I think it's the male that I saw Squeak with a few days ago.  He's all alone.  

Below are two naughty killdeer digging nesting holes in the ballfield.  It's Squeak and she's chosen Pollux as a mate.  Look how dirty Pollux is from digging.

Here is one of the holes that Pollux scraped out.  He had others nearby, all in a bad spot:

Saw a sora today:

Baby Goose has been flying all over the place.  I called him over and he swam by to see if I had any treats.  I have a feeling that this one might leave us to go north:

Spoonface still has his ring around his neck:

Cinnamon and four of her five boyfriends:

A boy band:

We have a new gadwall and he's sticking around where that old one got killed by the owl.

These two female shovelers are head-bobbing this brightly colored male:

I saw Pepper and his cousin:

A wigeon:

Or two:

And, finally, a rabbit:

Also seen:  Not-Pepper and the rest of the domestic ducks, plus a brightly colored male cinnamon teal of which I couldn't get a photo.

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