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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fred the Greater Yellowlegs Returns

Fred the greater yellowlegs returned to Lake Murray to fatten up for his long trip to the far north.  These birds nest just south of the tundra line.  Fred loves the little minnow fishes in the lake and the flies along the shore.  

The phoebes have a new, completed nest and I think they have eggs in it, too.

Mom phoebe was very upset that about 40 grackles and blackbirds were hanging around the roof above her nest.

Dad wasn't too happy about it, either:

Spoonface says hello and that he still has that orange ring around his neck.  You can see it under his feathers.  He still doesn't have his main primary feather on one side, so he still can't fly off.

The scaups are leaving, but a few are hanging around hoping to fatten up on some human-fed treats before they migrate.  Though they don't fly as far north as the yellowlegs, they do have a long ways to go to get to their breeding grounds.

Sorry about the next photo, but I thought this duck was cool.  He looks a lot like Buffy, but more mallardish.  I'm betting he's one of Buffy's many offspring.


I came across a weird sight early in the morning.  Shy's mate seemed to be protecting a chick.  I only hear one chick nearby and he was emphatic about protecting it.  I wonder if he adopted the Mom and Dad's lone egg and are raising the one chick.

Junior doing a good job at hiding from me.  I didn't even see him until I was really close.  He needs to quit this act because, one day, I am going to step on him.

Squeak's dilemma:

Squeak (George's daughter) was seen with a brand new male.  He looked like ones I've seen in the Mission Bay and San Diego River areas of San Diego.

Here is the new beau:

I think this is George III who was Squeak's closest friend and nephew.  He seems a little put-out now.

In geese news, Louie won't leave Jill alone and follows her around, constantly.  She doesn't like him at all and tries to stay near her Canada goose friend who does little to protect her.

Also, the dove's nest I saw last time is no more.  I don't know what happened to it.

'Til next time!

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