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Sunday, March 25, 2012

New hawks move in

So far, no Big Mama Cooper's hawk, but the red-shouldered hawks are fine and were using her hunting area.  So, I think Big Mama might truly be dead because she would never had let any of those hawks get close to her nesting area and prime feeding spots.

I also saw this juvenile Cooper's hawk hunting squirrels in her territory, possibly one of Big Mama's offspring.  She didn't seem very good at it and the squirrels didn't even seem to avoid her.

I don't know if the squirrels don't see her, didn't care, or just were confident that they could get away because they just went along feeding like nothing was happening.  The hawk was rather clumsy at hunting them, though.

A long-billed dowitcher came to visit:

Hurt-wing was quacking for a boyfriend nearby.

Pepper was here:

He and his brother were working together to fight off strange males.  

And, finally, Killer:

And, Dee taking a time out from nesting to fill up on bugs.

Junior and his mate were seen nearby doing courtship dances and vocalizations.

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