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Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Big Storm Coming"

I am hearing a lot from the weather people that a "big storm" will be coming with lots of rain and even hail.  It doesn't rain here often and we need all we can get, so I'm not complaining.  However, most of the mama ducks at the lake have just starting sitting on nests.  And, there are baby killdeer that need to be kept warm, too.  I hope everyone does well.  If the weather gets too cold, that may limit how many ducklings will hatch.

This duck is getting a lot of his feathers plucked out defending a female.  He's not being picked on, he just insists on protecting his girl. 

Here is the couple together.  There is another male that constantly hangs around the two.  I think the female might be Caramel or one of the "flycatcher" ducks.  When that male isn't looking, she bobs her head very vigorously at the other male:

One or two of the wild mallards was picking on these two ducks.  They comforted and head bobbed to each other after the incident.

The Canada goose that Jill likes is playing peace-maker between her and Waddle's mate.  At first, I thought maybe the Canada goose is a female and pairing up with the other gander, but I think he's just protecting his friend from Jill.  She's been a little aggressive towards him lately.  At first, the white goose was very mean to Jill, but now she's mean to the white goose.  Now, she's mad at the Canada goose.  I've noticed that Canada geese are great peace-makers and like to keep flock conflicts to a minimum.  In the meantime, Baby Goose, the small Canada goose that arrived at the lake as a juvenile, is very upset and went over to find Waddles so that he could be with her because Jill has been exceptionally mean to him, too.  (Waddles, by the way, is nesting in a secret location and is doing well).

And, finally, Fred the Yellowlegs says "Whee whee whhet!"

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