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Monday, March 5, 2012

Junior's back; new killdeer eggs

Junior came back very early.  This is the earliest I've seen him since he hatched.

The Beautiful Dad has a new egg.  I almost stepped on it.  I sure hope my scent doesn't lead predators to it. It's near where the nest was last year.

George's daughter seems to really like Pollux.

Here is Pollux.

I saw a black phoebe building a nest:

I'm not sure, but I think this is the gull that I saw the vultures picking on last week.  He looks better, but still sick.  He's watching the other gulls fly over him.

Two doves on a roof, one was coming in for a landing (or taking off):

For some reason, Jill's Canada goose and all the other geese abandoned her.  She screamed for a long time, but they ignored her, so she spent the day alone.  I think they will all gather again at night.  

Saw one gadwall:

Hurt-wing was in a great mood, bright eyed and seemed happy:

Latte (Buffy2) and the crested duck:

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