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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birds in love

  Nesting season is in full swing!

Dove on her nest

Cinnamon and her 5 boyfriends (plus another pair)

Jill and her Romeo

Wood duck pair

The next photo is of a female killdeer that I can't identify.  She looks a lot like George III and even acts the same, but has different markings and is a female.  I think she might be Killer and Dee's only daughter.  Maybe she was looking for Squiggy.

Baby Bob isn't ready to nest, yet.  She doesn't have her spots, yet.

Update on killdeer egg:

The killdeer egg was missing two days later.  However, the parents as well as Shy and her mate have all left the area.  I don't think it was the first egg to be laid, but the last to hatch.  I thought I heard chick sounds on Saturday and on Monday when I found the egg.  I think the first egg probably hatched on Saturday, more chicks hatched Saturday/Sunday, and the egg hatched Monday.  If this is the case and there were chicks hatched, they will probably return to that area in the next few weeks.  I have looked all over and the only killdeer I have found around there are Shy, Secret's son, and perhaps Shy's mate.  

New goose dropped off:

A new goose was reportedly dropped off at Lake Murray a couple days ago.  I tried my best to find it, but haven't.  People say it was hanging around Louie, but I still can't find it.  If I do, I will post a photo of it.  Someone said it was a baby and really friendly.

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