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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jill and Pollux in Love

Jill professes her love to the Canada gander
Love is in the air all over the lake.  Jill seems to be hopelessly in love with the Canada gander.  She was across the lake (probably visiting Waddles who hasn't been seen in a week) with another gander and started screaming for this guy.  However, he ignored her.  She the came on land and was bowing and vocalizing to him, but he just slowly walked away.  At least he's not chasing her off like he used to.

All the remaining domestic ducks were doing well.  And, so was Spoonface (Bossy):

Ducky was seen without his mate who might be on a nest now:

Bigboi, I think, might be molting.  He looks less green:

I had a surprise today.  I thought, at first, this was a blue-winged teal, but noticed it had a stiff tail like a ruddy duck and it was very small.  Now, I know it's a female ring-necked duck.  First time I've seen one there, though they aren't uncommon in San Diego.

In Killdeerland, when I saw these two killdeer I thought it was Dee and her son, George III who was flirting with her.  It was kinda dark, so that's why the color is strange.  When I looked at the photos, it almost looked like Firecracker was the female, but not exactly.  I think it is one of George and Martha's daughters.

I thought the male was George III at first, but now that I look at the photos, I think it's Pollux.  I thought Pollux had a mate, but something must have happened.  She may have been caught by the hawk, or chose another mate.  She was a full-grown adult, perhaps she didn't want to deal with a juvenile and wanted a more experienced mate.

Baby Bob made a rare late morning appearance.  She is still pretty much spotless.  Her mom was already getting new spots at this time last year.

And, finally, the Cooper's hawk sees all.  I don't think this is Big Mama as she looks too brown.  But, she is an adult. I'm thinking she might be the female chick Big Mama and her mate had last year.  There was an older hawk seen courting her, later.

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