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Monday, December 26, 2011

Spoonface, Pepper's brother and other birds

Here are some photos of the birds at Lake Murray that I took today.

Spoonface still has the ring around his neck and he fights with it every chance he gets.  But, I've also noticed a personality change with him.  He's gotten more like his old name, Bossy, more aggressive and more vocal, too. He is also getting more green on his head.  Other than the problems with the ring, he is now a very energetic little duck.

I saw George and Killer's offspring all hanging out near the entrance.  Later, they all flew away and hung around the solar panels of the water treatment plant because a very large tomcat was hanging around.  I've never seen that cat before and I first saw him near some coot remains.  But, I think the owl or another raptor got the coot as it looked plucked like a raptor does it.  

Anyway, I think this is George III:

In the ballfields, I saw the M6 mom and dad.  But, I also saw another pair one of whom is one of the chicks that grew up there last year.  I think the male might be castor.  The female is completely new, perhaps the one I saw alone earlier in the year:

Perhaps Castor, maybe Pollux

The unknown female

I also saw a sora out in the open.  Usually, it only comes out when it's cloudy.

And, one of the great blue heron was seen.  I think this might be the female.  Both parents have been seen together this year.  I think they're going to make a new nesting spot on the other side of the lake.

This is Pepper's brother, the "gray duckling".

And, here is Pepper:

I found these bones, but I think they might be chicken bones from picnics, but could be coot wing bones.

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