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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spoonface needs help!

Spoonface (Bossy) needs help!  He got some kind of orange plastic ring around his neck.  It's not real tight and wouldn't be a problem except that he gets his bill stuck whenever he tries to get it off.  Then, when he's in the water, he twists, turns and fights to get it off.  I'm afraid he's going to get stuck and/or get in a position where he could drown.

He likes to hang out at about the two mile mark where there are two benches.  I tried to catch him, but he wouldn't go for it.  He tried to fly, but couldn't because of his missing feathers and, instead, cartwheeled all over the place.

Sorry it's blurry, but here he is fighting with the ring

A couple of the wood ducks were seen today.  I think it was Doodle's Placekeeper and a female.  Last week, I saw Doodle's Bully, his female and her duckling.

Jill was back across the lake where she and Jack used to rest.  She swam all over, looking for him, but then went to sleep at her usual spot.

I expectantly saw a spotted towhee:

A house wren, scolding:

I saw five killdeer in one part of the ballfield area.  I think they're George and Killer's offspring.  Here are photos of two of them:

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  1. Oh, poor Spoonface! I hope you are able to get him help! Please keep us updated! :o( People and their trash... Ugh, disgusting!