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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Counting day at Lake Murray

Today was my monthly counting day at Lake Murray.  I saw a few surprises including a common merganser and a Wilson's snipe.  I got a photo of the merganser, but not the snipe, whom I almost stepped on.  He flew away and hid so quickly, that I couldn't find him again.  Snipes look a lot like woodcocks and blend into their surroundings very well.

First, here's a photo of the common merganser (and some coots and a gadwall):

I saw a few buffleheads, too.

Pepper and his siblings and friends looked at me, expectantly, to feed them.  The one duck in the middle is Pepper's brother, bathing.  His little sister is on the right:

Something happened to Bossy (Spoonface).  Part of his wing feathers were torn off and he was limping.  Otherwise, he's fine and in good spirits.  He is a little more cautious, though.

I saw this fungus, too, growing on a tree.

I counted almost 700 coots, but only about 170 mallards.  This year, compared to last, there are fewer mallards and ruddy ducks, but more variety.  I am seeing wigeons for the first time and more shovelers.  Not many grackles.
George and his family came out and made sure they were counted, too.  All five youngsters and all four adults were there, but I didn't get good photos of all of them.

I think this killdeer might be Shy.  There were three or four other killdeer there, too.  One of them might be Miracle and she may have been checking up on her or on her younger brothers:

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