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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Bird Count Training


Yesterday, I went to the Christmas Bird Count training at Rohr Park in Bonita.  The actual Christmas Bird Count for San Diego will be next weekend.  So, I was able to brush up on my small birds as there's a lot of small birds there.  However, many of these birds were too fast for my camera, hence the less than perfect focus to blurriness on some of the photos.

Cedar Waxwings

Orange-crowned warbler
 This next bird, the Painted Redstart, is actually far from it's normal range.  They have a summer range of central/southern Arizona and usually live in Mexico.

There also was a northern parula, but it was way too fast for even a blurry photo.

Below, are some sleepy killdeer, sleeping in the horse corral.  These are the same killdeer I see at the church, which is across the street:

Townsend's warbler

Western Bluebird

We also saw a kestrel, merlin, red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk, Cooper's hawk, sparrows, finches of all kinds and a palm warbler.

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