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Friday, December 9, 2011

Lots of killdeer

George seems to be hosting a family holiday get together on the mud flats that were created when the water level was lowered.  In the morning, I only saw George and Killer with their families, all nine of them (all except Killer Jr.):

I think this is one of George's daughters.  She looks a lot like her older siblings and her mom:

Later, I saw two extra killdeer. One looks a little bit like the M6 dad, but I think it might actually  might be Squiggy (in the center):

Stretch that wing!
 George and Martha were there.  Here's George in the middle standing on a stone.  Martha is to his right (our left):

 This young male was by himself.  I'm wondering if he's George's son, or a male coming to court one of George's daughters:

"Puffy Band" was there, too, but seemed extremely tired and weak.  That's him on the right:


Other birds:

Bossy Duck has lost more feathers.  I think a mean drake might be hurting him over by the benches in that area.  He's not as friendly now and stays away from other ducks.

I thought this was cute, seeing Louie the gander, sleeping.  He's a good flock leader:

Two wigeons I saw:

I saw them near a bunch of fishing line all strewn about, all over bushes, the ground, around rocks and everything.  The only reason why I was there was because I saw the Cooper's hawk catch something and I wanted to go see what she got.  

Baby Bob was briefly seen:


Blue-gray gnatcatcher.  There was a second one nearby, too.  He was difficult to photograph and get good lighting:

White-crowned sparrow:

Anna's hummingbird:

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