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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flying ducks!

I was surprised to see Pepper actually fly today!  I didn't know if he could because of his domestic duck genes and the fact that he was always watching birds, but never flying.  Well, today, I saw him fly quite well, though only a few feet.  He was very un-cooperative as a photo subject.

Also, I saw Quacker back to her flying self.  She's a cayuga, but today I saw her actually keeping up with a wild mallard!  She was so fast!

This is one of the "friendly ducks" that wasn't impressed with Pepper's honk-whistles that he was trying to impress the females with.

I sometimes see Not Pepper around now and then:

Spoonface (Bossy) still has his ring around his neck/crop.  He hates it!

Baby Bob was briefly seen, but it was really dark, so my shutter was too slow for a good photo.  I rarely see her after the sun comes up.

I thought this seagull has a crayfish, but when I looked more closely, I couldn't tell exactly what it was.  It might have been a twig.

Male Anna's hummingbird, singing:

Song sparrow, though it looks a bit different than other song sparrows:

I found a couple of killdeer in the ballfields, I don't know if they're a pair or two sisters.  They seemed really friendly with each other.  What got me is how much both of them looked like Digger, Shy, or Tiny.  They might be Shy's babies (Shy is the sister of Digger), or at least one of them might be.  Shy's mate was the male who looked like Tiny and was a foster dad to Surprise, Shy's brother (who is now, probably Firecracker's mate).

The duck I posted about a few months with the broken/damaged wing may have been eaten by a coyote or raccoon.  I saw a feather pile near where she hangs out, but didn't realize she was missing because she sometimes disappears and then I see her later.  She might be one of Ducky's ducklings, but she may have also been one to arrive from migration.  I believe her wing may have been hurt during mating or fighting.  Here is a photo of her from September.

She never seemed bothered by her wing and happily swam around the lake and grazed along the shoreline.

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  1. I love the updates and stories of their lives. They become immortals here. :-) Fly babies, fly!