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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lake Murray

I did a short walk at Lake Murray today, not enough to go all around, but enough to see the most of the animals.  I didn't go far enough to see Jack and Jill or Bossy duck.

It sure was cold this morning, too.  The lake was unusually high today.  The poor ducks didn't know where to hang out.

Oh no!  Our beach is almost gone!


Her son, Pepper

Here's a shot of a ruddy duck with some lesser scaup:

All of George's children and grandchildren were out (except Killer Jr. who left a long time ago):

There were five, three females and two males.  One male is George III, the other male looked like an adult, but could be one of George's sons from this year or one trying to court one of the females.  It's amazing how they all show a family resemblance with their body shape.  They all look like either D. or Martha.

Later, someone came by with their dogs and four flew away leaving George III alone, which he hates.  He tried calling for them, but something's wrong with his voice and it's not that loud.  So, he flew over to where they went, instead.

An osprey says "hello".

Barbara Anderson's article in the Mission Trails Courier confirms that there are great horned owls at the dam area.  So far, I know they've taken at least two ducks, perhaps three this year around Alvarado Bay.

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