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Monday, November 14, 2011

Shorebirds and missing ducks

This morning at Lake Murray was beautiful with lots of sun.  I started from the north side of the lake.  There was a lady there feeding the geese and duck and noticed that Cinnamon as well as the pekin and Swedish duck were all doing well.  But, no sign of Bossy duck.

On the other side, Pepper, Not Pepper, Buffy and Pepper's family were doing well.  Here's a photo of Pepper with his brother:

Nearby, all the ducks were by where people normally feed them.  However, one of the pekins from that side was missing.  I looked everywhere and could not find him. The two are normally together all the time, so it doesn't look good for the missing duck.  Here is a photo of the remaining one alone with the runner duck and the most recently dumped trio:

I found this new female spoonface today.  She has a spoon on her bill just like Bossy does:

Speaking of spoonbills, here are two real spoonbill (northern shovelers, actually)  females:

Also not seen was Quacker, the flying Cayuga.  This also worries me as I haven't gone a day without seeing her in a long time.  All her friends and adopted family were there but her.  But, it rained recently, so she could have gone somewhere else for a while.  The killdeer were all missing, too, probably for the same reason.  They tend to go missing once we get hard rain.

I also went to Crown Point and saw lots upon lots of shorebirds. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and dark, so the colors were muted:

Black-bellied plovers:

A black-bellied plover and a ruddy turnstone:

Semipalmated plovers and a dunlin:

Shorebirds in general, including marbled godwits:

There were about a hundred plovers all on the sand, too.

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