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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bossy Spoonface

Bossy (Spoonface) was so cute today.  He was waiting for food with all the other ducks on the other side of the lake.  But, I don't think the guy came to feed them.  (He's not a bossy duck, but his sister was and his whole family were called the bossy ducklings).

Curly was hanging out with Donald and the runner ducks:

I also saw the gadwalls again:

And, I saw a downy woodpecker pecking on a tree.

And, the osprey trying to get his breakfast:

Finally, a killdeer, I think it's George III.  Probably hanging out here hoping a girl will come by.

I think I also saw Squiggy, still without a mate.

And, finally, I did a photo essay on Gather about these finches using a drinking fountain as a birdbath.  You can see the whole essay here.  

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