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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quacker's back!

I didn't do a full walk around at Lake Murray, but I did visit the area where many of the ducks hang out.  I saw most of the familiar ducks there including Quacker and even Bossy duck was there!  But, still no sign of the missing Pekin.  I think it was Aflac1 who is gone. It doesn't look good, there were vultures nearby, hanging around on the other side of the bay with a few seagulls.  But, I didn't see any white feathers over there.

The last Pekin on this part of the lake

Bossy Duck (Spoonface) in a strange area of the lake

Here's a picture of Bigboi.  I don't think he's doing well and I don't know how much longer he has to live.  He acts like Tom did when he started to get old.  Cinnamon's half sister was also seen.


Cinnamon's half sister

This next duck might be Poquito, but he looks so much like Ducky!  Perhaps he's one of Ducky's ducklings:

Young duck

Quacker and her mate
Other birds seen:

Northern shoveler
Baby ring-billed gull

Eared Grebe

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