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Friday, May 3, 2013

Young ducks and an injured scaup

I just made a quick trip to Lake Murray and was able to call over this lesser scaup.  He's way overdue for his migration and is the only one there.  That is a sign that something's wrong with him.  When he got close enough, I could see that his entire left side is messed up and he can't seem to use the left leg.  I don't think he can fly, either.  He seems to be hungry and was begging for handouts.  I couldn't get close enough to see if it's a fishing tackle injury or something natural.  He was alert and energetic, so he's OK so far.

Neo, Indy and Indy's brother are all still hanging out together, but Indy keeps chasing and fighting with his brother.  Indy doesn't bother Neo at all.  Neo seems to be a very good-natured male duck and gets along with with Indy's brother.  But, he doesn't seem to want to fly, so I think his wing might be still bothering him.  He also is not oiling his side feathers very well, either.  But, he may have done that on purpose because it's been very hot out.

This is Neo's mother and I believe Neo is the only duckling she has ever raised to adulthood (though 5 were stolen from her a couple years ago and raised by another female).  She was in a very cranky mood today and did not want me to get too close.  She has always had ducklings by this time, but not this year.  Her mate, who could be Neo's dad, is nearby protecting her.

While I was taking pictures of Neo's mom, I heard this duck quacking very loud.  All the males in the area came to her aid, including Neo, Indy, and Indy's brother as well as Buffy's son, who was all in the area.

I thought this was Peaches and was concerned that she abandoned her babies.  But I think it might be Zippy, one of the lake ducklings from last year. 

Zippy seemed to really like Neo and was doing her head-bobbing at him.  She probably knows him from when she was growing up as he also grew up in the same area, but three months before.

I haven't seen any ducklings anywhere near the main Kiowa entrance of boat docks, but I did hear of some across the lake where there is more cover.  The wild Canada geese were sticking around, too.

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