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Friday, May 24, 2013

Chocked full of ducklings

 Today, I saw a new mom with three very tiny ducklings.

 Mom was very nervous because there was a red-shouldered hawk flying around, watching her.  Her ducklings were very obedient to her calls.

I haven't figured out who the mom is, she might be new.  But, she looks familiar (Update:  I *think* it's Sweetie, Fish Food Mama's daughter.  She knows all about red-shouldered hawks):

Canal Mama with her four ducklings:

Butterscotch with her three ducklings:

Here are five of the ten half-grown ducklings who might be from Fish Food Mama (but, I'm still not sure):

This one came up to me like Indy did:

She was very protective and kept threatening me even when I wasn't very close:

Giving me a "dirty look":

Still protecting:

I saw a pair of black-crowned night herons:

The blue heron was really close to the tiny ducklings.  He stole this fish from a gull:

Here is the disappointed gull:

Later, someone said she saw 12 small ducklings near the first three I saw at the same time I was there, but I didn't see them.

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