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Monday, May 6, 2013

Bossy duck tries to keep a girlfriend.

I guess Bossy was trying to get a certain female to be his mate when she flew over to where several other males were resting.  She then began to do a little ritual which I think was her way to get the males to either chase her or fight each other. She and Bossy got separated, at first.

Bossy, strutting his stuff
 Then, he went up to her and protected her from the other males.  But, alas, I don't think the girl has made up her mind and flew off with Bossy and one other male with her.  Maybe, this year, there will be little Bossys swimming around.

I think the female might be Bluebill,, one of the breeding females from last year.

I found Squeak with Pollux in one of the ballfields.  Immediately she recognized me and ran up to me before laying down.  Then, later, I walked around the entire field and she would follow me the entire time.  When I stopped, she would run up to me and lay down.  Finally, she ran up to me and did a semi-broken wing act.  But, I found no nests anywhere and the act was half-hearted.  I think she's going broody, but not breeding, yet.

Here she is laying down in the grass, watching.

Her mate, Pollux, could care less about everything except he didn't want her to get too far away.

In another field, I think this might be Little Miracle, still mate-less:

This gull seemed to be fairly interested in her, but not overly much.  I think she didn't like the gull.

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