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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ducklings continue. . .

I hope you're enjoying them.  I only went to the lake for a few minutes today.  The mom that had three ducklings now only has two.

I started calling "Sweetie!  Sweetie" at her, but got no reaction from her.

However, this duck was nearby and immediately started quacking and ran up to me when I called "Sweetie".  She seemed a little peeved that I was calling the mama duck Sweetie.  So, maybe this is Sweetie and not the mama duck.

The mama with ten ducklings was hanging around the boat docks and she still had ten ducklings:

And, I saw Smudge. She ran up to me:

Her tail is in really bad shape.  I hope she molts those bad feathers, soon.

Stay tuned tomorrow, I'm going to take more photos if I see any baby ducks.

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