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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Birds

Memorial Day had so much great weather that the lake was busy.  Unfortunately, the big ducklings were the only ducklings I saw today.  I don't think the two little ones that I saw yesterday made it.  Also, there were two red-shouldered hawks and one attacked one of the female mallards, probably testing to see if she had ducklings under her.  I think the mallard got nicked, but she seemed OK.  Red shouldered hawks are known to kill small ducks like wood ducks, but I think a full-grown mallard would be a bit of a challenge.

The big ducklings were jumping up and gleaning from a tree hanging over the water.  This is why one should pick up their snagged fishing equipment as I have rescued at least one snared duckling who jumped up at something on a tree or stick only to get caught by a fish hook and left hanging.

Here they are looking for food on the ground.  I found a rubber fishing lure and managed to get it before they did as ducklings this age would, most likely, try to eat it.

The birds were really out today.  Here's a couple photos of a lovely male nutmeg manikin.  They are established in this area.

Exciting news about the ospreys.  The babies are almost ready to fledge and were flapping their wings.  Mom had just dropped off a fish and this osprey was not sharing with his sibling.

I finally got a good look at one of the several black-headed grosbeaks, but he didn't make it easy to get a photo.  When a man with a dog passed by, he left the area, so I only got a photo of the bottom of him.

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