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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ducklings live!

4 ducklings sleeping

Four of the ten ducklings hatched last month are still alive and here's the proof:

I did not see any sign of the six I also saw in the same area, but I think I saw a new batch of brand new ducklings, perhaps from Fish Food Mama.  I was too far away to get photos of them.  If they're Mama's ducklings, chances are I'll see them again next time I'm there.

Neo and Zippy are very close and Zippy only seems to want Neo around and no other males.

I think these might be Indy and his brother hanging out with Neo, but Zippy chases them off if they get too close.  There were two other male mallards there, but Indy has a super-straight bill, so I think the one in back might be him.

Lots of green herons around.  I saw several babies in the reeds, and several adults flying around.  Here is one adult:

Another adult was sitting nearby and a third or fourth was somewhere else:

And, I saw three spotted sandpipers, most likely a female and two males.  The female was the boss and every time she flew away, she called the others to follow.  I couldn't get a photo of any of them because they wouldn't let me get within 50 feet of them before they flew off.   That's unusual as spotted sandpipers usually aren't that shy.

And, the baby blue herons are just about ready to fledge as are the osprey.

And, I found out that the dumped black and white duck was acting very scared and following people around last week.  That could be why he disappeared.  I'm hoping someone took him and his friend home.  They weren't acting like that when I saw them or I would have gotten them out of there ASAP.  Something must have scared him.

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