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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wood duck fights

The wood ducks are actively fighting hard for their mates at Lake Murray.

Good news about Doodle. His other eye (not the one shown) is doing much better, though it is still swollen around the socket. He is opening it up all the way and it looks like he can see out of it. Also, he had a very big appetite today! One of the females was flirting with him. Hopefully, he doesn't get attacked by the three healthy males around there.

The female pintail came running up to me to see if I had any food:

The baby coot is still making it:

George III, Georgina and his parents were hanging around. Here's a photo of George III doing the plover shuffle with his feet. No one knows why they do this:

And, a photo of Baby Bob (with George III in the foreground) She's getting almost as big as the killdeers.

Someone dumped three big, beautiful ducks not long ago:

Also, this female has a damaged wing. I thought that perhaps it was one of Ducky's ducklings, but it appears that it's a domestic mallard because it looks like one of its hind toes has been clipped. Hopefully, its wing will get better, soon.

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