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Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Canada Goose Arrives

A new Canada goose arrived at the lake today. It looks like a juvenile. A second goose was seen flying around the lake, possibly one of it's parents. Just over 2 1/2 months ago, a Canada gander named "Picked On" disappeared from the lake. It is rumored that he was stolen by someone in a van, possibly for food. But, I am hoping that "Picked On" disappeared so that he could start a family and is now getting ready to return. Here's a photo of the baby (that's not his parent in the background, but one of the resident Canada geese):

The juvenile coot with the messed up legs is doing a lot better and is perkier today:

Speaking of coots, here's a photo of the remaining baby coot that I took a couple of days ago. He's still alive and well. I think he's a boy because of the types of vocalizations he makes.

George and Martha have left for now, but Killer, Digger, Spike and Georgina are all together and getting along extremely well. Here's a photo of them without Georgina who was off to the side.

The killdeers on the other side of the lake are doing very well, but weren't in good picture taking range. I think I saw Miracle (identified by her body shape) and it looks like, possibly, Killer Jr. is courting her, though it could have also been one of her uncles.

Pepper was also seen today, too, but, again, not in good picture taking range. He's so pretty. He was hanging out with his mom and the "gray duckling", his brother. I am proud that Pepper doesn't follow the bread chain at the lake and prefers to be with other ducks doing duck things instead and eating natural food. He also has his dad's non-aggressive personality, but that may be a problem with him getting a mate or joining a bachelor group.

Finally, here is a photo of the wood duck that is beating up Doodle:

And, this is the female who seems to like that duck, but also Doodle as well.


  1. Canadian geese are nasty in my parts! :P We see them a lot. Beautiful creatures. I live in Eastern Canada. Haven't seen any flying south for the winter yet. It's still very warm.

    You are a wonderful photographer! :) I would love to have ducks, but I really don't have room. I'm not one to get animals that don't have a suitable surrounding. It's awful that people just drop their ducks off in lakes! :O

  2. Thanks!

    We don't get that many Canada geese here, just a few year-round ones that live in some of the parks plus a few that come here during the winter. The main wild geese I see here are Brant, which are salt-water arctic geese and I usually see them near salt marshes closer to the coast. They come here in the winter. I think there are other types of geese near the Salton Sea.