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Friday, September 16, 2011

Killdeer meet and greet

There seems to be a killdeer meet and greet going on at Lake Murray lately. This is normal for September as new killdeers migrate in and some killdeer migrate out. In George's territory, most of the killdeer hanging out there are related to George. Killdeer seen include George and Martha, Digger and Shy, Spike and Georgina and George III. I think I've seen Killer Junior and an unrelated female now and then. However, the rest of Spike's family seem to be hanging out on the other side of the lake and I think Killer Junior and the unknown female (possibly Miracle) and even Firecracker and Surprise seem to be hanging out in that area.

George and Martha

Georgina and Baby Bob

No sign of Pepper, but Doodle is looking a little better:

Martha and her duck friends

The friendly, happy ducks are still hanging out, but this one seems to be pulling out her feathers around her belly for some reason. She's too young to be brooding eggs.

Bossy duck is actually turning out to be a really bossy duck and bosses all the other ducks his size around.

The now single baby coot is still hanging around. I have a new photo of him, but haven't processed it yet. I did catch the heron trying to stalk him, but the baby was in an area that he couldn't get to. However, I could see that heron doing his best to figure out a way to get to him.

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