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Sunday, September 4, 2011

More ducks and a killdeer romance

I think I saw Spike and Georgina in George's old territory yesterday. He was heavily flirting with her and doing courtship calls.

Georgina or a new female?

Spike and Georgina?

Killer was off to the side making sure they didn't get too comfortable in his feeding area. D was not around.

Here are some duck pictures I took yesterday:

This duck is being cautious with approaching me for food (which I didn't have):

Bossy duck is doing well:

Silly ducks, they saw me walking down to the water and saw some people setting up picnic tables, so they all come pouring out of the lake. Then, they realized that there was no food and all came running back.

Even ducks sometimes get their picture taken with their eyes closed. Also, I just noticed this female rouen. That makes two Cinnamon-type ducks at the lake. She's one of Bossy's new friends.

Also seen: Doodle! He was fine, but I couldn't take his photo as it was too dark when I saw him. And, a duck that I think is Poquito, Pip and Peep's brother.

I saw several of the wood duck babies, now almost indistinguishable from the adults:

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