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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ducks again

Here are some duck photos again!

It's been very drizzly and dark in the morning, so I haven't been taking many photos. It does clear up later, but then all the birds are hiding.

Happy female northern pintail

Doodle's eye is much better and he's got a great appetite now.

Big Daddy!

And one of Bill (also known as "Hop-a-long Bill), the injured ring billed gull:

Killdeer update:

Couldn't get clear photos today.

I think George III might have found a mate, perhaps it's Miracle. Spike and Georgina are hanging out in the ballfields as is Killer Jr, whom the female used to hang out with. Killer Jr likes to hang out with the three boys, Squiggy, Castor and Pollux.

Big Mama Cooper was hunting this morning, I caught her by the lakeshore, cleaning herself after eating a dove. She looked a little like a duck on the shore from far off. I tried to get a photo of her, but she flew off.

Baby coot is still going strong. He's feeding himself more now.

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