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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doodle's eye


Doodle's eye has gotten a little bit better, but is still swollen and full of puss. It's obvious that Doodle isn't feeling good because of it. He's not eating much and is losing weight. I'm just enjoying him as long as he's here as I don't know how much longer he can make it.

Pepper was seen very early, yesterday morning, trying to pick a fight with Buffy's group.

I also saw Bossy and his gang, but didn't get a photo. Here's a photo of his sister, though. His other sister was with Peep outside my usually walking area.

Also seen:

Some northern pintails. They were far away and were coming towards me until a coot chased them away:

Forster's and least terns were around, but I only got a photo of a Forster's tern:

A great white egret. I rarely see those at Lake Murray:

And, the Swedish and Pekin ducks along with their friends:


And, Quacker with another female who might be one of Pepper's siblings. Quacker was making motherly noises towards her. She always seemed to take an interest in the ducklings, but Peaches didn't let her get too close.

Both baby coots are doing fine. Here's mom feeding one of them:

Yesterday, I saw 4 juvenile Cooper's hawks hanging around the ballfields. I could tell they were attacking the young killdeer there by the screams the killdeer were making. I think they all got away. Spike and Georgina ended up in George's old territory:


Georgina (looks so much like her dad and grandfather)

George III was keeping his distance:

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