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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boat dock ducklings and little kildeers getting big!


The boat dock ducklings, all 7 of Peaches' ducklings, are getting big. Some are almost as big as their mom. They're all a little more than 5 weeks old.

Pepper and the gray duckling are both getting a green sheen on their heads. This is not the same as getting their adult colors, but it is an indication that both will be males:


The gray duckling

At least two ducklings have definite quacks developing and are likely to be girls. I'm still not sure about this little guy, the smallest duckling, yet:

Ducky's girlfriend still has three ducklings:

I found one of the parking lot ducklings still around. I was worried because, once, I saw his mom without any ducklings at all. I couldn't get any good photos of him, though. He was the smallest of the three, the other two of which have disappeared.

All the young killdeer are flying all over the place. Spike is totally on his own a lot, harassing the resident males of the area. I couldn't get a photo of him. However, his brothers Squiggy, Castor and Pollux are still staying close to home. Squiggy is beginning to follow his brother, Spike and do other things, though. I think Squiggy likes to look after his younger brothers, which makes him want to stay near the nest site.




Their flying skills are still poor compared to the adults, but have gotten substantially better since last week.

Their parents still protect and defend them, but the dad is beginning to make more nest scrapes and flirts with the mom. So, they may be breeding again. All the brothers continue to play and kill-dee each other.

Mom killdeer

Tom the muscovy:

A couple of days ago, I put together a video of stills and video of Tom the Muscovy on Youtube:

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