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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The spotted sandpipers are getting ready to migrate

Bob1 and Bob2 have been shedding their winter plumage and are all spotted now. They should be leaving Lake Murray around Memorial day if not sooner. But, they'll be back this fall. They're usually the first migrants to show up in the winter.

Here is a photo of Bob1:

The killdeer chicks were not being co-operative with me, so I couldn't get a good photo. Spike and Squiggy, the two bigger chicks were being cute and running around. But, they are about as fast as their parents now and have become more predator aware, so they quickly hide if they see me coming their direction. Castor and Pollux, the two smaller chicks, stayed out of the open area, but could be heard. They're still quiet voiced, but have gotten a little louder. Mom constantly chatted with her chicks.

It was hot the last few days, I sure hope mom and dad killdeer and leading them to water during these days as the chicks don't know any better and won't go to the water on their own. But, I think they get most of their water from their food.

A couple of crows were there and didn't seem very interested in the killdeer chicks or didn't notice them:

When I sat down, Dad came over and talked to me a little bit:


No ducklings at all were seen this day. It was very warm and I suspect that they were all keeping cool with their moms somewhere.

The heron chicks are just about ready to fledge, too.

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