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Friday, May 6, 2011

Chocked full of cuteness

Peaches with her two stolen babies

I found a new duckling family and it looks like it's headed by Peaches (one of the three ducklings from last year). But, she's also a duckling napper, too! I found six ducklings, about 2 weeks each and with them were 2 ducklings about half that age swimming along. I think they're her sister's.

There was one all black duckling, a cayuga. I hope that's not an Easter drop off. But, we do have one full cayuga male at the lake as well as a couple of Swedish ducks, too. He could be Bigboi's baby:

I am still having trouble getting photos of the killdeer chicks, now almost 3 weeks old. I did get one blurry one of Spike. He's changing a lot with bigger wings and a longer tail. He's also getting two stripes on his front rather than the one band he had before. He and Squiggy were out feeding with their parents. But, the two quiet chicks (Castor and Pollux) are still too shy to come out of the bushes:

Spike is just over half the size of his parents.

Something strange:

Today, when I got to the lake this morning, I noticed someone feeding the ducks and the seagulls. All my favorite ducks were over there including Oreo's posse. When I went over, later on, I found a pile of rice and all scattered through the rice were closed safety pins. Very strange. Most of the pins were too large for the ducks to swallow, but many weren't. All could have been easily swallowed by the geese. I threw away all I could find and later, I found a few more and threw those away, too. I hope it's not something intentional to hurt the ducks.

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