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Monday, May 9, 2011

Did Shy steal 2 chicks? Duckling saga continues.

Two chicks (Castor and Pollux) were missing today from the M6 family. They are usually quiet, but will call for their parents and answer their calls, but not a sound was heard from them. Plus, big sister Shy was missing, too. She's been hanging out near the family since they've hatched, just out of sight. The chicks were heard last Friday and I could see their dad reacting to them. Today, mom brooded the two larger chicks, Spike and Squiggy, but constantly called for her other ones. Shy's mate acted strange, too, like he was protecting chicks, but no chicks were seen. I'm not giving up on these little guys. Flying time for them starts in about a week and I hope to see them sometime after that.

I couldn't get any good photos of the chicks, but here's one of the dad:

Peaches and Butterscotch, the ducks, were seen today with their broods. Butterscotch only had 6 ducklings, including one small one and possibly one big one that she stole from her sister because Peaches was missing one big and one small duckling. I found out that they've been hiding under the boat docks/office.

The odd, smaller duckling

Butterscotch, however, still insists on hanging around the heron's nests. The baby herons are almost ready to fledge. I don't see their parents much, I assume they're feeding them less often in order to encourage them to take flight and join them in the hunting.

Something's wrong with Curly's wing. He was holding it funny and it was twitching much like the seagulls did when they had bad wings. I hope he's OK. He's also scratching a lot.

Still no sign of Oreo.

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