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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More ducklings!


The boat dock ducklings are all doing very well! However, we are having a very cold and wet storm passing through right now. Currently, the oldest ducklings are just under 3 weeks old and just starting to get feather shafts and are already producing oil. The younger ducklings are about 2 weeks old and one family is about one week old. I am not worried about the one week olds as they can be warmed up by their mom. But, the 7 large ducklings may have trouble keeping warm during the next two days because they're too big to fit under their mom. I hope they will all be OK.

Anyway, here are a few duckling photos:

Caramel still has three of her own ducklings and 1 of Butterscotch's ducklings:

One of the tiniest 5 day old ducklings:

All the following photos are of the 7 ducklings that Peaches is taking care of:

The two Chinese ganders are being constantly harassed by the Canada gander who chased them all the way to the other side of the parking lot:

The ring-billed gull was being harassed by the crows:

And, here's a shot of a lesser goldfinch. I still haven't been able to photograph the robin nearby.

Killdeer chick update:

I did not see any of the killdeer chicks, but I thought I heard Spike and maybe Squiggy in the same general area that I've always seen them. But, I think the other two are nearby. I hope to see them in a few days when they should be flying.

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