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Monday, May 2, 2011

More ducklings and killdeer chicks

I saw at least 20 more new ducklings yesterday. All of them passed under the heron's nest. One family had 8 ducklings and looked like it was headed by Caramel, one of the "fish food ducklings" from last year. Her ducklings look like they're a few days old:

The other mom hung around the heron's nest and the Canada gander who wasn't being nice, but wasn't as aggressive because those two Chinese ganders were keeping him in check. She had 12 ducklings and was trying to leave the area, but people and the gander were making it hard. I had to leave before knowing if she made it past that area or not. I think she might be Caramel's sister, Butterscotch or Peaches:

Some of the ducklings fell asleep in the water and just floated around while sleeping:

Bottoms up! A few of the ducklings were already good divers and dabblers!

Across the lake, the killdeer chicks were in the ballfields with all the crows and cars! I only saw the two largest chicks. I thought I heard the two smaller chicks nearby in the brush, but it was hard to hear because there were 6 adult killdeer and music going from a fun run nearby. And, the two that were missing were the "quiet chicks", so they don't have loud calls.

One minute, they were there, next minute, they were gone. They're very fast and one was aggressive towards birds twice his size. I'm going to name him Spike when he gets bigger. Mom made sure to talk to me a little while I was there.

She's being a good mom compared to last time. I wonder if it's because she has all boys this time.

Still no sign of Oreo. Plus, her "posse" was also not seen yesterday. Someone said he spotted her in a weird place where I've never seen her. I didn't believe him at first, but I have been noticing that all the ducks are moving away from their usual spots, so it could be true.

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