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Monday, November 22, 2010

Where are the killdeers?

There were only 3 killdeers in George's feeding area at Lake Murray in San Diego and they were not being co-operative in terms of showing me who they were. I suspect that they're Killer, Digger and Digger's dad. I think the mom was gone. Killer and the dad were doing very well together with no trilling at all. However, the dad was very nervous and often stuck his head out really high, often revealing his bright-white neck ring. I wonder if that was a signal for the others to follow him. I don't blame him for being nervous, there were hawks and vultures around.

M6 dad and, I think, his daughter, Digger

The three killdeer together

I was making "kill-dee" sounds at Killer (I think) who looked at me funny

Also seen:

I saw lots of gadwalls and lesser scaups, including, I think, a couple of juveniles.

Three lesser scaups, one male, one female and I think juvenile male

Two gadwalls and three coots

A gadwall and a coot (everything was OK between them)

Two male lesser scaups

Ballfield killdeer:

The ballfield killdeer at Lake Murray haven't been seen in a while, but I can hear them. I think they may have found worm heaven on the nearby golf course and are over there feeding. I have no access to that area, so I can't keep tabs on them. That area is susceptible to hawk and falcon patrols, but I think everything will be OK with them and they will be back to their usual areas later on when the construction is finished.

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