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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The killdeer return!

Surprise sounds the alarm!

I didn't see any killdeer when I first arrived, but after I finished visiting the ducks, I heard two killdeer calling. However, there were two people and a utility truck driving too close and they flew off before I got a definite ID or photo of them. They flew due east where I think Killer is setting up a breeding territory, so I think it was Killer and Digger. I think there's an apartment complex with a large, green lawn and a drainage ditch nearby. Hopefully, not cats or hawks will bother them. They look extremely healthy and robust.

The killdeer were seen in the Lake Murray ballfields! Most of them were in field 7 and I think I saw the M6 mom and dad, Shy and her mate. I also saw "puffy band" and a few more there, too. Most did not let me get a good look, so I couldn't identify individuals.

I took these photos through the fence:

M6 mom and dad

M6 mom

Surprise was all alone in one of the ballfields, taking his turn watching out for the hawks:


All the ducks were doing great, but still waiting for Bill in the Lake Murray parking lot early in the morning even though I haven't seen Bill in a while. Tom even ate some peas I gave him. The one injured mallard is doing well, but not walking quite right. He seems to be healing, though. I think, however, his growth is stunted right now and he gets tired easily. I didn't take a photo of him today, but he hasn't changed. I tried to feed him peas, but he only got one or two because the coots were faster and ate the rest. He stopped getting his adult feathers, too.

All the geese and other ducks are doing well, including Snowball, Chocolate 1 and 2, and the black and white cayuga-runner duck (whom I need to name because I see her so much).

The pintail has gotten friendly, too. But, today, I got photos of the gadwalls, who like peas, too. I took these photos with them in the shade:

Ducky is doing well, but still hasn't turned totally green. However, he is getting aggressive with the girls and fighting more. He's going to be a lady killer.

Ducky with his adopted brother and sister. Notice how he's barging in between the female and the other male.

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