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Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Shy" is popular with the boys


This is a continuation of my last post.

Shy seems to be popular with the boys. In the ballfields, I found her dad, alone, at first.

The beautiful "M6" dad

As I was leaving, I heard killdeer deets and saw some killdeer land in another field. When I looked, I found Shy, her dad, and another killdeer in the field. Shy was being chased and harassed by the un-related killdeer who looked a lot like Digger, her sister, but clucked at her like a male.

Shy being chased

I don't think Shy likes this male as she never came back to him when he chased her. However, as she moved close to her dad to get support, this other male wouldn't stop pursuing her. Shy's dad watched, but did not interfere. I really think that Shy doesn't want to be this male's mate.

Chased again

Another male, one who looked similar to "Killer," George's son, but scarred up from fights, watched from outside the fence with intense interest. When I went over to get a better photo of him, he flew inside the fence but did not interfere with Shy's problem.

Another male watches the couple

I'm going to check on these birdies tomorrow. However, it has been very hot, lately, and I hope that the heat will not take a toll on the killdeer. Hopefully, they won't over-exert themselves and have the sense to drink lots of water.

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