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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surprise is back!

Surprise is back and it looks like he wants to steal his half-sister, Digger from Killer (George's son). He was clucking and flirting with her, but Killer would attack him every time he showed an interest in her. Surprise doesn't know that's his sister, his mom raised him on her own with his half-brother, Secret, who is two weeks older than him.

I have to say that Surprise's reaction to Killer was a lot different than his reaction to George, whom he seemed terrified of.

Killer, right, Surprise, left

He actually stood up to Killer.

Killer, left, surprise, right

But, backed down eventually.

Killer stood between him and Digger.

The couple stood together, united against Surprise.

Eventually, some people and their dogs began to walk around in the area where they were at and the couple flew off together, leaving Surprise by himself.

Also seen:

The spotted sandpiper and the ducks:

Ducky was sleeping with his friends:

And, this phoebe demanded his photo be taken:

A couple of vultures were seen flying around where George and Martha hide from people. I didn't see George and it was odd that he didn't come over to chase Surprise away from his territory. Perhaps he didn't want to disturb his son and his potential mate or figured that his son would handle it. I think the vultures were after the coot that died earlier this week that may have washed up on that side of the lake. Also, I think there is one missing goose, too. Let's all think good thoughts about George and the rest of the killdeer family and hopefully, we'll be seeing all of them again, soon.

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