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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ducky is back and another male challenges George's son

Killer (the killdeer) and Digger

Today, Killer had another challenger for Digger, his mate. Digger seemed curious, but mostly stood allied with Killer.

I looked though my killdeer records and I don't think I've seen this male before.

The two of them, Killer and Digger, chase him off.

Standing united.

The sandpiper doesn't care, just keeps feeding.

The challenger didn't seem very serious about fighting, but kept pestering the female nontheless.


Ducky is back! Here he is getting food this morning. Still working on his molt and getting his green head. He gets pecked a lot by the other males:

Here is his friend who is further along in his molt and has gotten his drake feather. I think he's about 18 weeks old now:

I like this runner-Cayuga mix, but she's afraid of me:

This is Bill's favorite, calls him the baby duck. I think he might be a bantam white mallard drake:

I think I saw Sir Francis Drake, the mallard who had his foot bound by fishing line for over a year. I didn't take a photo of him, but it appears that his foot may have totally healed up back to normal. I'm not sure if he's the one I saw or not, but he has the same bill marking as Sir Francis.

I saw the pretty gadwalls, here's the male (in the back) with some mallard ducks:

These two gadwalls got jumped on by the juvenile seagull who was probably just playing with them:

After he jumped on them, they stood up and flapped their wings:

Also seen:

(Warning, photo may bother some people)
This vulture was eating the coot that died a couple of weeks ago. He washed up in the area a few days ago and the vultures carried him away to this spot. The seagull got to eat, too.

The spotted sandpiper on the southern side of the parking lot (near Alvarado bay) is getting his spots back:

Here's the other sandpiper on the northern side of the parking lot (near Padre bay):

And, here's a juvenile male red-winged blackbird:

It's getting harder to identify birds lately as they are either in their juvenile or winter plumage!

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