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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Duckies and Ospreys

There was no sign of any killdeer today and even Bob 1 and Bob 2, the sandpipers, were not seen. I think it's the cold weather and high lake levels that are keeping them away and inactive. They're probably puffed up into little balls somewhere safe. Hope to see them soon!

Today was a ducky day. I didn't see Bill feeding them and all of them were in the parking lot waiting for them. I had to make them move so they wouldn't get run over by cars. I don't like doing that because then they'll think that I am going to chase them and run away before I can get any photos of them. But, I rather have them safe.

The white mallard, whom I'm going to call Snowball, is moving up in rank with the other ducks and was doing challenges with the other adult males. Curly, though, had a thing to say about this duck and here's a photo of him asserting himself a little bit. Curly, I think, is fairly high ranking in the permanent part of the flock.

Also, Ducky is doing well, still trying to find his place in the pecking order, but gaining respect, unlike Chocolate 2 who has been getting picked on a lot. But, she's a bully.

Here's a couple of photos of a male bufflehead I saw, kinda far away:

And, the pintail was really friendly and came up to me really close:

As well, the female gadwall:


I swear I saw four ospreys at Lake Murray, very unusual. I think they were two males and two females, or three males and one female.

One of the males got a fish (a trout, I think) and was trying to impress the female with it, but she rebuffed him.

He then went up to this tree and defended his fish from the other males.

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