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Friday, April 10, 2015

Peaches's Ducklings and Uno

I made a surprise visit to the lake and discovered that Peaches had a brood of about ten ducklings.

She also still had almost as many eggs still on the nest.

She had mostly mallard, but one black and yellow duckling, too.

This drake is, most likely, the father of most of them:

Back on her nest for nap time.

Sadly, as of last Tuesday, Snowie only had one duckling left. I didn't think he would survive much longer. However, today, he's still there and getting bigger. He's now over two weeks old and almost too big for the gulls and already too big for crows. Still small enough for herons. I've named him Uno, but really want to hold off on really naming him until I make sure he's makes it a couple more weeks.

He's always losing sight of mom:

Wandering away, once again:

Sad update on the family of six goslings. It appears that one went missing just like last year. I don't know if someone took him or something got to him.

And, Miss Squeaky was rescued today. She was sick and injured from the males. Here's a photo I took of her last Tuesday. She looked much worse today.

Something is wrong with eyes. They keep foaming up and the membrane seems to be sticky.

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