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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baby season continues

While there aren't any new ducklings to speak of, other birds, such as the geese, continue with their babies:

A mother pied-billed grebe brings up a crayfish breakfast for her five babies:

Hey, where did mom go?

There are still two young goslings:

The older goslings were also near the younger ones. Mom was not too happy about it:

Dad with three goslings:

In this photo, one gosling had just returned to the group after chasing off a squirrel. They are mouthing each other. I guess it's a greeting:

The young ones are starting to look like they're growing:


Meanwhile, Blue and his friend are laying next to a pair of cute gadwalls:

Mr. Squeaky seems to have won the favor of this new blonde duck with angel wing:

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