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Monday, April 13, 2015

More changes for ducklings

I decided to visit the lake again, last night and found that Peaches had already lost 3 ducklings. However, the other mother, somehow, had gained 3 ducklings. Since the two ducks are closely related and their ducklings in that critical first 3 day phase, it appears that those 3 ducklings have decided to go with Peaches's mother while Peaches keeps 5 of them.

There was also a duckling hatching from the other mother's nest when I left last night, but this morning, I found he had died. He was being hatched backward and his head was in the wrong position. Peaches also had a dead duckling in her nest that appeared to have died soon after hatching.

This morning, I came up to find the heron standing over Peaches's mother with his head down near where all the ducklings were hiding under her. He flew off when I arrived and I found out that she was already missing one duckling. The mother did very well staying absolutely still, but I think one of the ducklings that was on the outside of the others might have gotten snatched.

Here are the "other ducklings" (with 3 of Peaches's ducklings, I think, still around):

And, here's Peaches's ducklings beginning with the Squinty Eye duckling:

Yesterday, a mallard-y duckling tried to steal food out of the black duckling's mouth. Today, the black duckling was doing the same thing to the mallard-y duckling while Squinty Eye looks on, again:

This little one is the smallest and sweetest:

I think Uno is gone for good.  Aww.

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