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Sunday, April 12, 2015

More ducklings are hatched

A new mama just hatched out six ducklings at Lake Murray right near where Peaches was nesting. I think it might be Peaches's mama.

They are kind of strange looking:

These three got separated and are calling for mama. They had a hard time going over the rocks. But, they made it.

Peaches nearly got drowned this morning with five males attacking her. They were pushing her head down onto the concrete walkway that was under water, making it hard for her to get her head up to breathe. They were also nearly killing Little Guy, one of her mates, who was trying to defend her. But, eventually, they left.

She only has 8 ducklings now, and is still sitting on her nest. I heard a gull got one of the ducklings, yesterday. I don't know what happened today.

For some reason, this one duckling kept biting the mouth of the black and yellow duckling:

Maybe he had just eaten something yummy. He kept nipping at him. Usually, I don't see them bullying each other when they're this young. At this age, they're usually just trying to survive:

King of the rock:

The goslings are growing, but there's not a lot of grass on the lawn. It's not being watered because of the drought, from what I've heard.

Howard's old bullies are outcasts and hanging around the outcast baby geese from last year. I guess they figured they can bully those guys.

I didn't see Uno at all today. Snowie, his mother, was missing for a couple of hours, then she suddenly showed up without him. I don't know if he was hiding or not. Snowie seemed unconcerned, but she rarely is when it comes to her ducklings.

I also saw two baby osprey in the osprey nest and at least one baby heron in the heron's nest.

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