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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More duckling photos and baby goslings!

Snowie seemed to have shown up with an entirely different brood yesterday morning at Lake Murray in San Diego! She had only one non-mallard duckling and six mallard-type ducklings. I thought she lost her brood and stole another brood.

But, nope, I looked back at the photos I took a few days before and she originally had about 8-9 mallard-y ducklings and only 4 multicolored ones. So, it would seem that nature selected for the mallard coloring.

This is the last of the non-mallard ducklings:

With his siblings:

Having a rest under mama:

Escape! If you've ever observed a mama with ducklings, you will know that the ducklings are in control of everything. Mom just tags along to make sure they're OK.


This is the little weak duckling that I'm surprised has survived this long.

She gets very tired easily. But, don't give up. The last duckling I thought was too weak to survive was one of the few that made it to adulthood in that brood. So, maybe this one might surprise me.

The first brood of new Canada goslings are at the lake. These guys are a few days old. I expect a second brood along in a few weeks.

The brood from last year seems to have disappeared except for one. I hope they have left for good and gone up north were they should be.

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