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Friday, March 13, 2015

Update with bird festival, gbbc, and ducks

Since I've last posted, we've had the Great Backyard Bird Count, Bird Festival and a lot of other birding things going on. I see lots and lots of breeding behavior in all animals right now. We had a little rain, but it's also been extremely hot, too. I know I included the first day of the GBBC, but not the other days.

I didn't take any photos at the bird festival. I was mostly there on Sunday at the Big Sit and one other lecture. I did see a lot of gulls and a few ducks in the river. The weather was great and I'm sure the out of town visitors had a great time. I hear they had decent bird sightings on most trips.

At Chollas Lake on the 15th, I saw this friendly spotted sandpiper who reminded me of Bob:

I think is is Mylee the gosling at Chollas Lake I posted about a few years ago. She seemed to know my name.

I found this stilt and avocet enjoying the Otay River Mouth area.

Around the end of February, I saw this turkey vulture at Lake Murray wearing a wing tag. I found out that he was banded in Fallbrook about two years ago as an adult. He was part of a study of migrating turkey vultures in Orange County. I've seen him a couple times since then, but not much.

I thought this female house finch on the cactus looked pretty cool:

This gull is humongous! Bigger than a lot of the ducks, even.

One day it rained, and Peaches and her boyfriend came up to my car. Peaches has a nest now. She's getting up there in years.

Pepper's wing actually looks a little better. It's not sticking out sideways as much as it used to:

This little girl at Lake Murray looks to be a khaki Campbell. She's quite a loudmouth. I named her Skeeter after another khaki Campbell who is a celebrity.

Saw this cinnamon teal at the lake on the 8th.

And, today, I saw Snowie, who I think is also sitting on a nest. Her two boys have been seen a lot without her lately. I found duck parts near where they were standing, but, of course, it was not her.

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